Care Consultation

Highly experienced social workers evaluate and coordinate services to help older adults remain living at home as long as possible.
Social worker and client

Keeping Seniors Living in the Community

Keystone’s senior program helps seniors live with dignity and remain connected to the community. The goal is to support seniors and adults with disabilities in the place they call home.

Addressing changing needs

As needs change for seniors, they might need additional support or resources to continue living in the community. Navigating the various programs can be overwhelming and stressful – that’s where Keystone comes in. Our highly skilled social work staff assess needs and can suggest resources to help. We use person-centered approaches in everything we do and our goal is to help people live life to the fullest.

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Care Management

Care managers provide critical services to help seniors navigate their health, economic and social needs.

Assistance from Experienced staff

Care management is provided by highly trained and experienced social workers. Care managers meet with individuals in their home or at one of our community centers and provide support and assistance. We complete assessments, meet with the senior, gather input from caregivers and create goals together. Based on the goals, we inform the senior and caregivers about the services that are available in the community and help them access them. This might be setting up rides to a social program or making a referral to an agency to help them with grocery shopping and cleaning. Keystone staff will continue to work with the individual and family until the needs are met.

Health Advocacy

Keystone care managers can accompany seniors to doctor’s visits, advocate for the senior’s health needs and assist the senior with health-related communications between primary care providers, specialists, home health care, pharmacy, hospital staff and out-of-town family members.

Caregiver Support

Keystone care managers assess levels of caregiver stress and provide access to supportive services. These supports help seniors continue to live stably at home and prevent the caregiver himself/herself from spiraling downhill.

Waiver Case Management

Our team of Licensed Social Workers provide ongoing case management for seniors and adults with disabilities who qualify for home and community-based services. They provide vital assessments and supports that help individuals to remain living in the community. Their wealth of knowledge and compassion help individuals maintain and improve their physical, emotional and economic health.

Contracts with Ramsey County, Hennepin County and Medica allow us to serve individuals on a variety of waivers designed for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Meet Judith, an Independent Woman Who Appreciates a Little Help

Judith, Care Management Client

Judith is relieved Keystone staff can go to bat for her when she has a problem

Judith cleaned Minneapolis homes for many years, often putting in long days to make a living. She became disabled in her 50s after a heart attack and stroke; she also has diabetes. These days, she relies on a walker and a motorized scooter to get around.

Nevertheless, Judith is a fiercely independent woman who admits it’s hard to accept help. So when a Keystone case manager arranged for her to receive housekeeping services, Judith was reluctant. But Judith has come to love having help to keep her small apartment neat and tidy.

Judith got connected with Keystone’s Case Management program several years ago which provides social work services to help seniors and disabled adults to help them maintain their independence. With few relatives, Judith has found the program a big asset.

“My social worker always has my back,” Judith says.

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