2023 Report to the Community & 2022 Annual Report

Opening Doors

Helping our neighbors access stability and resiliency, together.

Nourishing Neighbors

Hunger is an unfortunate reality for many of our neighbors, with food insecurity growing among families and older adults. Ramsey County has higher rates of food insecurity than the Minnesota state aver​age, a gap that widened during the pandemic. Keystone saw this firsthand, with participation at our food shelf programs tripling between 2021 and 2022. 

Breaking Down Barriers 

In 2022, we focused on getting more food out into the community in ways that were accessible, dignified and broke down barriers. Free farmers market and food distribution events allowed more healthy food to go to more people. Additional Foodmobile stops expanded our reach to meet neighbors where they were – something that was made possible by activating new partnerships with health clinics and other community allies. 

Keystone Youth Services help youth develop skills to succeed in school and in the community through unique afterschool programs and early employment experiences.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center

At this afterschool center, teens work on creative, high-tech projects and learn valuable skills from adult mentors. Keystone is proud to have a Best Buy Teen Tech Center and be a member of the Clubhouse Network, a collaboration with the MIT Media Lab.

Community Kids

Serving youth in grades K–10, Community Kids offers year-round daily academic and youth development experiences which promote school achievement and social-emotional learning. Community Kids is a 21st Century Community Learning Center and an accredited afterschool program.

Teen Tutor Program

Children in grades K–5 receive year-round tutoring and enrichment opportunities. Teen employees lead this program in their first work experience, under intensive training and supervision by skilled Keystone staff.

Teen Employment Program

Keystone offers unique opportunities for young people to acquire job experience and learn skills that prepare them for the workforce. Express Bike Shop, a social enterprise of Keystone Community Services, is a full-service bike shop and learning lab for teens. Teens also work at Keystone program sites and with community partners. 

Teen Tutor Program

40 students, grades K–5 supported and engaged.

Community Kids

117 students, grades K–10 supported and engaged.

Teen Employment Program

70 teens were employed and trained, gaining work-readiness knowledge and skills.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center

125 teens participated in Tech Center programming.

Thank You, Donors and Volunteers
Thank you! You make our community strong. Our work isn’t possible without the generosity of our supporters and volunteers. Thank you for helping build a more connected community for us all! 

Opening Doors to Food Security

In 2022, we publicly launched the campaign to open the new Keystone Community Food Center. Our community inspires us with their generosity to expand support for our neighbors! In 2022, our community collectively contributed over $4 million towards this important project, getting us so much closer to our campaign goal. You can learn more about the Community Food Center and see the latest campaign progress online today.

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2,116 supporters  
made a meaningful and immediate impact through their generous gifts. 

2022 Financial Overview

Keystone is in a capital campaign to support the new Keystone Community Food Center which has resulted in higher than usual cash reserves as we raise funds dedicated specifically for the new program location.

Statement of Activities
For the Year Ended December 31, 2022 With Comparative Totals for 2021

REVENUE 2022 2021
Contributions $4,381,720 $4,466,234
In-kind Contributions 3,466,394 2,875,362
United Way 143,000 236,000
Fees for Service * (Gov contracts & Grants) 2,578,244 2,036,868
Bike Sales 313,443 269,553
Less Cost of Good Sold -77,529 -80,413
Other Revenue * (Investment, misc, Prog Fee, Food Sales, Tours) 122,775 852,435
TOTAL Revenue $10,928,047 $10,656,039
EXPENSES 2022 2021
Basic Needs $4,845,280 $3,882,612
Youth Services 870,670 772,763
Senior Services 407,124 373,985
Case Management 1,269,475 1,380,174
Express Bike 351,983 313,312
Management & General 974,526 884,959
Fundraising 880,159 1,156,900
TOTAL Expenses $9,599,217 $8,764,705
Change in Net Assets 1,328,830 1,891,334
Net Assets, Beginning of Year $6,665,192 $4,773,858
Net Asset Prior Period Adjustment 330,964
Net Assets, End of Year $8,324,986 $6,665,192

2022 Revenue

2022 Expenses

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