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Do you remember your first job?

Maybe you waited tables, mowed lawns, or had a newspaper route.

Lersay was 16 when she applied for her first job as a Keystone Teen Tutor. Lersay was nervous about working with little kids but she was passionate about helping kids from immigrant families like her own.

Your contributions to Keystone make first job experiences like this possible!

For three years now, Lersay has tutored elementary school students enrolled in Keystone’s Teen Tutor program, helping them gain critical skills in reading and math. Lersay’s time as a Teen Tutor has not only given young kids more academic skills but through her job experience, Lersay has also learned a lot about herself.

Her three years as a Teen Tutor, helped Lersay identify a career path. This fall she is going to college on a full scholarship to study social work.

“I love being a Teen Tutor at Keystone. This job has given so many skills that prepare me for my future. I am so lucky this was my first job.” ~ Lersay

Your support of Keystone helps give young people the skills they need to successful!

In our community, unemployment rates for adult are at historic lows, yet 16% of Twin Cities youth looking for work are unemployed. Additionally, significant employment disparities exist for people of color. One of the best predictors of successful employment in adulthood is being employed as a teen.

In 2018, Keystone teens spent 7,314 hours gaining work readiness skills through training and paid job experiences! You make this possible!

On behalf of Lersay and the other young people engaged in Keystone’s youth programs, THANK YOU for the gift you make TODAY!


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Strengthening our Community Together

Keystone’s mission is to build capacity in individuals and families so they can improve their quality of life. We depend on donors and volunteers to make sure all community members have access to basic needs and other community services that fulfill this important mission. With your help, we’ve been raising up individuals and neighborhoods in St. Paul and Ramsey County for 80 years.

Today we face new challenges. With shifts in funding and increased needs in the community, our individual and business partners as well as our social enterprises are helping us to close the gap between need and resources.

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