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Margaret, program participant

Your impact

Do you remember a time when life threw you a curve ball? 

Every day people in our community turn to Keystone when life throws them a curve ball they were not expecting. Our friend Margaret is highlighted in our 2018 annual fundraising appeal. Because of your contributions, Keystone was there for Margaret when life threw her a curve ball and she needed somewhere to turn.

Margaret throws her passion into being a community leader and has been foster care parent of more than 300 children.  

There is very little that stops Margaret in her in her tracks.  

But the day her curve ball landed, Margaret thought she might be evicted from her home of 47 years. She simply didn’t have enough money on a fixed income to pay her property taxes. 

Margaret visited 14 places looking for help before she walked through our doors at Keystone. 

Thanks to your contributions, our social worker and other team members, Margaret worked through the paperwork and found financial resources to stay living in her home. 

On behalf of Margaret and more than 8000 people who will visit Keystone for help before year-end, THANK YOU for the gift you make TODAY! 


See your gift in action

You can learn more about Margaret and other people impact by Keystone and see how your contributions will support your neighbors.

Strengthening our Community Together

Keystone’s mission is to build capacity in individuals and families so they can improve their quality of life. We depend on donors and volunteers to make sure all community members have access to basic needs and other community services that fulfill this important mission. With your help, we’ve been raising up individuals and neighborhoods in St. Paul and Ramsey County for more than 75 years.

Today we face new challenges. With shifts in funding and increased needs in the community, our individual and business partners as well as our social enterprises are helping us to close the gap between need and resources.

Ways to give

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Look What You Make Possible

Keystone Community Services is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Federal Identification number is 41-0693924. We are committed to best practices, including being transparent about our program outcomes and financial information. We invite you to read our annual reports for more information.


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