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More Food Programs

In addition to food shelves, Keystone offers other ways to access fresh food including Free Farmers Market Events and by hosting Fare for All.

Healthy Communities Require Access to Healthy Food Options

We believe that all of our neighbors in need should have access to vital support to be self-sufficient, stable and successful. To be successful, we know individuals and families in our community need access to healthy food resources.

Beyond our food shelf services, Keystone also offers other programs to give people access to healthy, affordable food.

Volunteer to Help Neighbors

Free Farmer’s Market Drive-Through Distributions

Keystone’s Free Farmer’s Market is back for the 2023 season! With your kindness and help, Keystone was able to provide households with fresh fruits, vegetables, and non-perishable items.

These events do not count as a food shelf visit. Anyone in need of food assistance is welcome! Registration is not required this year.

2023 Fall Free Farmer’s Market Flyer (Hmong, Karen, and Spanish) 

The locations, dates, and times are listed as followed:

Where: Rice and Arlington Field

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Address: 1500 Rice St, St. Paul, MN 55117

  • October 13

Fare For All - Food That Makes Cents

We believe access to healthy, fresh and affordable food is a right. Keystone partners with The Food Group to offer the Fare For All Program in St. Paul’s West 7th neighborhood.

How it works

Fare For All is a great way to save money on quality, nutritious food. Fare For All buys fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen meat in bulk to save you up to 40% off grocery store prices. Produce and meats are packed into food packages to range in price from $10–$25. Fare For All is community supported and open to everyone. The more people who participate, the better. All are welcome to shop!

This event takes place in the gym of the West 7th Community Center. Masks are welcome, but not required. The event is from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and the upcoming 2023 dates are as followed:

  • January 6th
  • February 3rd
  • March 3rd
  • March 31st
  • May 5th
  • June 2nd
  • July 7th
  • August 4th
  • September 8th
  • October 6th
  • November 3rd
  • December 1st

It should be noted that all events take place on the first Friday of the month. The March 31st date is an extra date to make up for there not being an event in April.

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