Over 75 years of serving Ramsey County with senior care, enrichment for children, basic needs and crisis assistance.
Keystone basic needs booklet

Our mission

The mission of Keystone Community Services is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and families to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

Individuals, youth, families and seniors in our community have the resources and skills they need to live with hope and dignity.

How we meet our mission

We provide vital, community-based services aimed at strengthening our community, with a commitment to serving people with the greatest needs. Our services are designed with community input to meet the aspirations and respond to the changing needs of those we serve, including young people and families, seniors, and those needing food services or crisis support. We deliver high-quality, evidence-based services in neighborhood gathering places that make our community stronger.

We are supported by the community, generous funders and hardworking volunteers who are all on a mission to improve the quality of life for the people around us. Make an impact and join us.

Our impact

Keystone is a trusted place that neighbors turn to when they need support or when they want to connect with their community. We invite you to read our 2019 Annual Report to learn more about our impact in the community. Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our community!

2019 Keystone Annual Report 

Keystone Community Services is managed by our Senior Management Team and governed by our volunteer Board of Directors.


A Rich History

Founded in 1939, Keystone began as a small neighborhood community center. Today, Keystone reaches more than 35,000 individuals in Ramsey County through a variety of programming and human services. Our name comes from a central wedge-shaped stone of an arch (a keystone) that locks the parts together and supports the whole, a fitting description for our organization as we serve and strengthen our community.

Our values

Keystone values



Our locations

Our administrative office is located in the Merriam Park Community Center in St. Paul, with services and programming out of our West Seventh Community Center, three food shelves and Youth Express sites. Our locations offer a range of our core services.

Keystone Launches The Acceleration Fund

Keystone is rapidly responding to dynamic community needs during this unprecedented time. The Acceleration Fund will help more people meet basic needs and maintain their housing, ensure that youth stay on track to meet their goals, and help seniors combat social isolation

Learn more about the Acceleration Fund today