We love our volunteers and donors. Below is just a sampling of individuals who are making a huge difference in our community.


Posted Monday, July 8, 2024

You help seniors in our community access nutritious food in many ways, including from the food shelf, Foodmobile, Grocery Delivery program, and Meals on Wheels. Over the last year, participation in Keystone’s Meals on Wheels program has increased by 27%, and over 94% of participants receive some kind of financial support for their home-delivered meals. Supporters like you are essential to ensuring low-income seniors can receive this supportive meal service so we can help keep meals affordable and available for those who need them most.

Clyde is one of the participants who is grateful for Keystone and our Meals on Wheels program. After Clyde’s wife had been receiving meals for a few years, he decided to get Meals on Wheels as well to help stretch his budget and use nutrition to manage some complicated health circumstances. The meals Clyde receives have helped minimize some health conditions that once made it more challenging to navigate everyday life.

Clyde shares, “When I was diagnosed as a diabetic, I had to change my whole lifestyle, including what I ate and when. Since getting Meals on Wheels, I have been losing weight and eating healthier. That has helped my health in more ways than one!”

Clyde enjoys the meals, but he also loves the feeling of connection that Keystone brings to his life, especially now that his wife has moved into long-term care. Clyde is a storyteller and loves to chat with the volunteers who deliver his meals. He says, I love Meals on Wheels — the food and the program. While I have a lot of caregiving responsibilities for my wife in a nursing home, yet, when I’m at home, a lot of days, the only person I see in person is the volunteer who delivers my meal.”

Clyde credits Meals on Wheels for helping him manage his diabetes and eat healthier. He really enjoys the connections with volunteers and Keystone staff, and he’s so grateful for the support and kindness he’s received from Keystone every step of the way.

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