We love our volunteers and donors. Below is just a sampling of individuals who are making a huge difference in our community.


Posted Friday, March 19, 2021

Fran’s life has challenged him in many ways he never expected – losing his job during tough economic times, experiencing homelessness, living through a serious accident and recovery, and having his car stolen. But Fran does not let these things get him down.

Fran considers himself lucky to be surrounded by a circle of family and friends and  a support system that is helping him become more stable.  Fran says he’s blessed that Keystone has been there for him to help him get food over the last few years. 

He says, “I have a very, very limited income and food can be an enormous expense. When I found out that Keystone’s food shelf is nearby I went there, registered, and I walked out with so much fresh food and frozen food that I was just amazed.”

The pandemic has challenged so many of our neighbors in ways they could never have foreseen. Fran doesn’t go out much these days and he is so happy to be participating in Keystone’s new grocery delivery program.

Fran shares, “The pandemic really limited a person’s ability to get out. It accentuated more of a hardship than existed prior to the pandemic. The lack of ability to get out and get groceries or go to the food shelf was compounded. Keystone’s food delivery program was very timely. The volunteers and the food I receive are just awesome. I applaud Keystone for doing this for the community.”

You can give the gift of healthy food and stability today to support neighbors in need like Fran. 

Your gift today will offer neighbors access to nutritious food and meaningful support that will help them live with hope and dignity at this challenging time.

Give the gift of healthy food and stability

Want to hear more from Fran?

Watch the short video where he shares his story about how he got connected to Keystone.

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