We love our volunteers and donors. Below is just a sampling of individuals who are making a huge difference in our community.


Posted Monday, April 20, 2020

When Jean was diagnosed with emphysema, everything changed.

Living with emphysema leaves Jean short of breath and makes day to day tasks much more difficult than they once were. Jean’s diagnosis created a ripple effect in her life. Just walking made breathing difficult so Jean was forced to retire from the software job she loved. Being unable to work strained Jean’s budget faster than she anticipated so she found more affordable housing. Jean is a proud and independent person. This sudden change in her health and the other changes that came with it has been a difficult adjustment.

“I have worked and supported myself all of my adult life so accepting help when my circumstances changed was difficult, ” Jean says.

Jean knew she did need help so when she learned about the Keystone Foodmobile which visits her apartment building every month, she was interested in learning more. Being able to visit the Foodmobile and select a wide variety of groceries helps Jean stretch her limited budget. For Jean this little extra flexibility in her budget is just enough for her to send a few dollars to her grandchildren on their birthdays.

 “I have three grandchildren and as grandparents do, when I was working I always tucked a little money in their birthday cards.  When my situation changed, I had to tell them that I could no longer afford to send them any birthday gifts.  And that totally broke my heart. Using the Foodmobile gives my budget just enough relief so I can once again tuck a few dollars into my grandchildren’s birthday cards. It might not seem like much but to me it means everything.”

You can be a champion for people like Jean. You can fill Jean’s kitchen with groceries and help ease a little of her worry.

When times are tough, people turn to Keystone. Your contribution today ensures people can get a little support when they it.

Give today to be a champion for your neighbors. 

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