We love our volunteers and donors. Below is just a sampling of individuals who are making a huge difference in our community.


Posted Friday, June 10, 2022

For years, Jim volunteered to deliver Meals on Wheels and has been connected to Keystone ever since. Over the years, Jim has worked with Holly, a Keystone Care Manager, who has helped him navigate evolving health needs and connect to resources.

When the pandemic struck, he and Holly connected weekly, and a Keystone volunteer called Jim regularly just to chat. As a single person, Jim worried about what would happen if he got Covid, so he and Holly worked together to complete a healthcare directive and make plans just in case.

Jim was active and healthy and never expected to need Meals on Wheels, but that all changed suddenly after he got Covid. He was very sick for weeks and he is still working to regain his strength and health. Getting Meals on Wheels delivered every week helps him get nutritious meals he can easily heat and enjoy.

“I have been very weak and more forgetful, so getting Meals on Wheels has helped make my recovery a little easier.” ~ Jim

Generosity of our community helps fuel our Meals on Wheels program which means so much to seniors like Jim.


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