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Posted Friday, November 30, 2018

When I get older, I’m going to understand how a lot of things work because this isn’t just a bike shop. They also teach us a lot about business.” ~ Marcus

When Marcus, age 16, found out that one of the jobs he could get was an apprenticeship at Keystone’s Express Bike Shop, he jumped at the opportunity right away. He was already an avid cyclist with some basic bike repair knowledge but having this apprenticeship has done much more than boosts his bike-related know-how. Working alongside bike shop staff, Marcus has also gained the confidence to learn and practice new skills and interact comfortably with customers.

“I feel so much more comfortable talking with other people now,” he says. “Having a job has helped me in so many ways. I’m learning how to work with other people, listening to what they think and taking their advice. There are multiple ways to do things and it’s good to know that. I think I’ll remember what I learned at Express Bike forever.”

Express Bike Shop is a social enterprise of Keystone Community Services. Your bike donations and dollars spent at the shop go directly to providing meaningful first-job experiences for young people.

Did you know?

It only takes $2500 to provide a meaningful first employment opportunity for one youth apprentice at Express Bike.

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