We love our volunteers and donors. Below is just a sampling of individuals who are making a huge difference in our community.


Posted Monday, May 1, 2017

Why she first got involved with Keystone

When one of Michaela’s siblings needed food shelf assistance, she went with him to the Midway Food Shelf. The experience left a lasting impression on her.

“I came away so impressed that my brother treated with such dignity and respect,” Michaela said.  “I thought that this was a place I could volunteer in retirement.”

Volunteers to assist clients

Michaela is a St. Paul resident and when she retired from her teaching career, she remembered the experience she had at the Keystone food shelf and she began volunteer. Now seven years later, Michaela still volunteers at Keystone’s Midway Food Shelf because she loves assisting clients. She serves two days a week, doing a variety of tasks – unloading trucks, cleaning refrigerators, stocking shelves, and best of all, preparing the produce display.

“Fruits and vegetables are so important for a healthy diet, but they are expensive in stores. Here they are free and I like to share ideas with shoppers about good ways to use them.”

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