West Seventh Community Center Merges with Keystone Community Services

Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2015

West Seventh Community Center has merged with Keystone Community Services as approved by the board of directors at both organizations, effective April 1, 2015.  “Keystone and West Seventh share similar missions, values and history as well as similar kinds of services and models of service delivery and thus are well-positioned to merge,” said Eric Nyberg, President of Keystone.

Keystone and West Seventh have long been effective community-builders and providers of quality social services. The consolidation of key administrative functions will result in a single more streamlined and cost-efficient operation. This will ensure that West Seventh Community Center can continue its vital role in the West 7th neighborhood as part of Keystone Community Services.

For Keystone, the merger means an even stronger foundation. “We will be able to reach more residents with enhanced services and new opportunities for engagement, including volunteer opportunities and partnerships with faith communities and business leaders, in our new combined service area,” said Nyberg.

Nyberg emphasized the shared history and impact of the two organizations. Both organizations grew out of the settlement house tradition and are part of a group of multi-service agencies that have long served neighborhoods in St. Paul, he added.  “Neighborhood-based multi-service agencies have long contributed to the quality of life for which St. Paul is well known and we look forward to a strong future together.”