Free Farmers Market Events Help Families Access Healthy Food

Posted Thursday, June 1, 2017

Man at farmers market

Mohammad is a father who has used Keystone’s food shelf periodically to help stretch his family budget and have healthy food to feed his family. “Keystone helps all people, no matter who you are,” Mohammad says.

This summer Keystone is offering nine Free Farmers Markets events to help get more fresh produce into the hands of individuals and families.

These events relieve immediate stress for low-income families who often struggle to have enough food to feed their families, especially during the summer months when kids are out of school. Having access to fresh produce, helps people meet their goal of providing healthy, nutritious foods to sustain their families. 

Check out the complete schedule for this season’s Free Farmers Market events. 

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? These events are great for a corporate team or group of friends to volunteer together. Contact Keystone’s Volunteer Coordinator at or 651-797-7725 to get involved.