Keystone’s Express Bike Shop is honored as a finalist for the 2018 Community Impact Awards

Posted Monday, February 5, 2018

The 2018 Community Impact Awards honors businesses, social enterprise organizations, nonprofits, initiatives and individuals making a significant impact on communities in Minnesota. Keystone’s Express Bike Shop is honored to be a finalist in the social enterprise category.

Express Bike Shop – Business with a Social Mission

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Express Bike Shop has been a social enterprise full-service bike shop, giving young people meaningful first job experiences. 100% of business profits are reinvested back into our youth apprenticeship program, which develops the work, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills of young people in the community.

What does this award mean to us?

As a social enterprise, Express Bike Shop is grounded in two worlds – the small business world and the non-profit, social enterprise world. We are extraordinarily proud of our social mission and it is connected to everything we do. Recognition from the business community is extra special because it honors the work of the young people in our community who are committed to using the skills learned at Express Bike to be excellent employees and community leaders.

We are honored to be nominated for the 2018 Community Impact Awards. Thank you to Minnesota Business Magazine for recognizing our work and making us a finalist.

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