Get to Know Keystone’s new President and CEO, Adero Riser Cobb

Posted Thursday, August 3, 2023

Get to know our new President Adero Riser Cobb and learn about her passion for Keystone’s work in the community.

tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born and raised in Saint Paul. I spent most of my life in the Lex-Ham/Midway neighborhood, graduating from Central High School and Concordia University. I studied marketing management for my BA, and then I went back to get a master’s degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Human Resources and got an MBA from Concordia as well.

My father owned his own business, and that is where I first learned about business operations. I combined that knowledge with education to pursue my interests in professional leadership roles with people at the center of my work. I have worked in business management and human resources throughout my career, but my work in nonprofits aligns my skills with my purpose, passions, and values. I have two adult children who I am very proud of.

Please share a little bit your history with Keystone:

I have been on the Keystone staff since 2019 as the Director of HR and Operations and then later COO, and I was a member of the Board of Directors for a few years before that. But my connection to Keystone starts way back in my teenage years! My first job when I was 13 or 14 years-old was through the job referral program at Youth Express job, which merged with Keystone in 2013. When my kids were in elementary school, they attended camps through Youth Express, and later both had their first jobs through Keystone’s teen employment program. I give Keystone credit for allowing my kids a safe space to grow and flourish outside the house. I really love this organization and am excited to continue my journey now as CEO, getting to deepen my connection with the entire Keystone community!

What energizes you about keystone or our work in the community?

Oh, it all energizes me! I light up every time I talk about my job and our work because I’m really passionate about Keystone. The work we do to support neighbors in our community is important to me. I see what our programs and services mean to our community, and it energizes me to know the difference we make every day.

What are Keystone’s biggest priorities over the next year?

Our biggest priority is to complete our new Community Food Center. We’re in the thick of the construction process now, and as a team, we’re busy thinking through the operations and programming side of how we’ll expand support for our community at the new building. Our other priority is exploring how to thoughtfully grow and adapt programs while financially sustaining them so we can continue to support people as our communities’ needs evolve. I am also really committed to thinking about the well-being of our Keystone team and ensuring our staff have the support and working environment to keep doing their best work.