Why Food Shelves Needs Your Help This Season

Posted Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Many of us are seeing monthly bills that are higher than usual. Whether it be the cost of gas, higher food prices than normal, or the rising cost of utilities, we’re all feeling the effects in our monthly budgets. Supply chain issues, backlogs, and delivery delays are all contributing to higher costs for everyday expenses.

Many local food shelves like Keystone rely on getting donated food from large supermarkets to stock our shelves. Now that grocery stores are experiencing difficulties keeping their own shelves stocked, there isn’t as much surplus food being distributed to food shelves. And, since grocery stores need to raise their prices, families and seniors are finding it harder to stretch their monthly grocery budget, which is when they turn to food shelves, like Keystone, for support.

A recent Pioneer Press article  describes the shortages Second Harvest Heartland and food shelves like Keystone are experiencing. Second Harvest plays an important role in this community, as they provide low-cost and free food to St. Paul and East Metro food shelves like Keystone.

Grocery prices going up leads to food shelf visits rising—all while it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep our food shelves stocked with food.

Because of these food shortages, Keystone and other community food shelves are counting on the generosity of our community members to fill in the gaps. Generous neighbors like you are helping by donating, organizing food drives, and volunteering, which truly makes it all work. Your help is more important now than ever!

As we approach the end of 2021, if you can donate, volunteer, or organize a food drive, we’d be so grateful – and so are your neighbors.