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Project Updates

Stay updated about construction and progress at the new Community Food Center.

New Community Food Center Project Updates

We are thrilled to announce that we have started the process of transforming the new Community Food Center thanks to our community and funding partners. Some of the highlights during this process include:


  • Painting the ceilings
  • Completing plumbing work so the utilities can be updated
  • Cutting the openings between the buildings that will connect the garage to the rest of the center


  • Preparation for a new layout of the building that will enhance operations and the participant experience
  • Installation of a mitigation system in the garage area that will hold our Foodmobiles
  • Removal of hanging power lines, ceiling tiles, and other elements that won’t be in the new design
  • Preservation of the 1922 Terrazzo floor and other elements that will be revitalized for the new layout

It will be a busy summer and fall as we complete the exterior projects during warmer months! Continue to check back for more project updates as we progress through the demolition and construction process of the new Community Food Center. 

  • Exterior "before" image of 1800 University Ave. W, a former furniture store and warehouse.
  • We've started to work on the ceilings throughout the warehouse. Pictured here is the ceiling being painted black.
  • Reinforcements are being laid in the basement for trenches to go throughout the floor for the updated plumbing.
  • Pictured here are construction workers cutting the openings between the buildings that will connect the garage to the rest of the center.
  • Mary McKeown and Adero Riser Cobb celebrate being in the demolition phase of this project.
  • Demolition is underway, removing walls and materials that won't be part of the new design.
  • Mary McKeown and Adero Riser Cobb celebrate a space being opened between the two buildings -- 1800 and 1790. The final design will have a passthrough space between the garage and the warehouse.
  • This is the empty space that will be converted into our garage for our Foodmobiles and constructed to have the Community Room.

Thank you to our campaign support team!

We are grateful for the guidance and support from our campaign partners who are vital to making this project a reality!