Tax Preparation Assistance

Keystone partners with AARP volunteers to offer free tax assistance preparation for people in our community.
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Tax Preparation Assistance

Keystone is pleased to partner with the AARP Tax Aide Program to offer this resource in the community.

AARP Tax Aide Program Details for 2021

AARP volunteers have been working hard to create a safe process to assist you with tax preparation. It will look very different than past years. Taxes will NOT be completed in-person. AARP will make an appointment for you to bring in your documents, have them scanned to a secure location, and the tax preparer will complete your taxes over the phone with you.

Please note that this service will be available at ONLY ONE Keystone location, the Merriam Park Community Center, 2000 St. Anthony Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104. Tax Preparation Assistance will NOT be offered at the West 7th Community Center. If you need a different location, please visit the AARP website to find a location nearer to you.

Read below for the full instructions about how to participate in the AARP Tax Assistance program this year.

Here is what you need to know and do to get your taxes completed by AARP:

  • 1. Schedule an appointment for scanning your tax documents

    ONLINE: Beginning January 25, you can schedule online here.

    PHONE: On or after February 1, you can schedule an appointment by calling AARP directly at: 612-440-6107

  • 2. Obtain Intake Packet

    Once your appointment is set, you will need to obtain an Intake Packet.

    If you have an email, you will be sent a link to print documents at home, OR the packet can be picked up at one of the locations listed below:

    • Highland Park Library – 1974 Ford Parkway, St. Paul, MN 55116
    • South St Paul Senior Center – 100 7th Ave N South St Paul, MN  55075
    • Sun Ray Library – 2105 Wilson Ave Saint Paul, MN  55119
    • Thompson Park Activity Center – 1200 Stassen Ln West Saint Pau, MN 55118
    • Keystone Community Services/Merriam Park Community Center – 2000 St Anthony Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104
  • 3. Fill out Intake Packet

    Fill out the information in the Intake Packet as completely as possible. The Intake Packet must be done prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • 4. Arrive at your appointment

    Bring the completed Intake Packet and all of your tax documents, including your prior year’s tax return, to your scheduled appointment. You must also bring your ID and Social Security Card. Please only come during your appointed time. We will not accept walk-ins or anyone arriving outside of their appointment time. If you arrive early please wait in your car. There will NOT be a waiting room available.

  • 5. Review and Scan

    At your appointment, an AARP volunteer will review and scan all your documents into their system. If you are missing any items, the appointment cannot proceed. You will be required to make a new appointment – if any are available- for a later date.

  • 6. Remote Preparation

    AARP tax aide volunteers will prepare your tax return remotely and when completed will contact you and schedule an appointment for you to return and pick up your return.

  • 7. Pick-up and Sign Tax Return

    The taxpayer will return to the site on the agreed upon date to pick up their copy of the completed return and sign the required form of acceptance. It is anticipated that the pickup process will only take a few minutes.

  • 8. E-File

    After the taxpayer picks up and signs for their returns, the entire return (Federal and State) will be E-filed by AARP tax aide volunteers.

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