Acceleration Fund

Your support of the Keystone Acceleration Fund helps more people meet basic needs, have stability and live with connection.
Keystone staff and volunteers at event

Today, We Launch The Acceleration Fund

Amid a global pandemic, high unemployment rates, housing costs that outpace household budgets, and systemic racism that compounds these issues for our neighbors of color, Keystone is supporting more community members with vital services. Your support is needed now more than ever as Keystone expands to provide more support for more people.

Keystone is rapidly responding to dynamic community needs during this unprecedented time. We are pursuing comprehensive strategies to ensure that both immediate and long-term support is available for everyone in our community who needs it.

Why Launch the Acceleration Fund?

Pure and simple, the Acceleration Fund will help more people meet basic needs and maintain their housing, ensure that youth stay on track to meet their goals and help seniors combat social isolation.

Together, Raising $2 Million for Increased Support

This additional $2 million dollars in support will ensure that Keystone has the resources needed right now to rapidly expand existing support and add new services that address the emerging needs of our community.

The Acceleration Fund is part of Keystone’s 2020–2024 Comprehensive Campaign to expand support services in our community. We are in the beginning stages of developing a long-term solution for a new community site that will provide more food to more people, creating a healthier and stronger community.

Acceleration Fund

What will the Acceleration Fund pay for?

The Acceleration Fund will provide Keystone the flexibility to spend dollars on the programs that are experiencing the greatest demand. Your support of the Acceleration Fund will enable Keystone to quickly respond to community needs that have intensified due to the COVID-19 pandemic, historic unemployment rates, and social unrest. The goal for this fund is $2 million.

The Acceleration Fund will Expand services in three core areas of need:

Offer More Food Support

We plan to purchase a third Foodmobile and provide increased access to food through our food shelves, food delivery services, Meals on Wheels, and various drive-up food distribution sites throughout the East Metro.

Keystone staff give food at a Foodmobile distribution

Expand Youth and Senior Programs

Youth and seniors are craving connection and needing more support to get through this time. Keystone will expand needed virtual support services and enriching programs to combat social isolation for both youth and seniors.

Teacher working virtually with students

Provide More Crisis Support

By expanding crisis services and emergency financial support, we will help people maintain housing, especially those who are unemployed, facing a medical crisis, or are unable to pay utility bills.

Keystone staff provide support and offer resources.

You Can Accelerate Support Today

You are the key to making sure the immediate needs in our community are met. We invite you to give generously to the Acceleration Fund with a one-time special gift over and above your annual support of Keystone.

Your gift to the Acceleration Fund will support the most urgent needs in your community, providing relief and peace of mind to your neighbors.

The time for action is now

Join us in combating food insecurity and stabilizing our community. We would love to connect with you to discuss how you can accelerate your support at this important time. Please contact us to connect with Mary McKeown or Jen Winterfeldt to brainstorm the ways you can deepen your impact in the community. Click below to connect or call us at 651-645-0349.

Yes, I want discuss how to make an impact now 

In these dynamic and challenging times, we understand the importance of connection. We want to connect with you! We’d love to chat on the phone or over Zoom to tell you more about our plans and discuss the ways you can support our community. We also have a number of easy ways you can express your support – simply click on one of the links below.

Ways to Accelerate Your Support Today:

You can give online today

  • You can mail or drop off a check to Keystone Community Services.
  • You can request to distribute a grant from your Donor Advised Fund.
  • You can contribute stocks or other appreciated assets or you can distribute funds from your IRA. To learn more how to make these gifts, click here.

Your investment will have a profound impact today and in the future.

Thank you Acceleration Fund Sponsors

Thank you to the Keystone Business Partners who have made sponsorship commitments to expand services and offer more support to more people by giving to Keystone’s Acceleration Fund.