Community Builders

Keystone Community Builders commit to a monthly gift, ensuring financial stability and sustaining vital services.

Here to build our community.

Today. Tomorrow. Every Day.

Keystone provides support and opportunities for our neighbors in need every day and has been doing so for more than 75 years. That’s why we need passionate, generous donors like you to support your neighbors in need. The Keystone Community Builder program is one way to make an ongoing difference in the lives of people in our community.

Community Builders commit to a monthly gift to support Keystone’s programs, ensuring financial stability and sustaining the vital services needed by more than 30,000 people. Monthly gifts go directly to support Keystone’s core programs including food shelf services, academic and enrichment programs for youth, and senior services like Meals on Wheels.

Giving monthly in any amount is simple and worthwhile. Your gift builds a strong community and helps your neighbors today and every day of the year.

Become a Community Builder Today

Giving is Easy

We have two easy ways to become a Community Builder:

  1. Use our online giving form, give a gift of $10 or more and check “monthly” to make your donation recurring.
  2. Call us at 651-645-0349 to enroll in the Keystone Community Builder program.

Giving Monthly is Simple and Worthwhile

Why do I give to Keystone? Because I can. I have enough. I have a job, a house and food security. Members of our community don’t. It is that simple. Beyond this, being a sustaining donor of Keystone is a statement of belief. I believe in the power of individuals coming together as a community. The services in the organization’s title are exactly that: local people working to make the community stronger. The need is ongoing so I choose to help provide predictable income so that Keystone can carry services and support throughout the year and into the future. ~ Karen


Become a Keystone Community Builders

Meet Britt, Tim, Malin and Patrick, Keystone Community Builders

Keystone Launches The Acceleration Fund

Keystone is rapidly responding to dynamic community needs during this unprecedented time. The Acceleration Fund will help more people meet basic needs and maintain their housing, ensure that youth stay on track to meet their goals, and help seniors combat social isolation

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