Giving stock is an easy way to maximize your impact, and your personal savings.

Make a Meaningful Impact by Donating Appreciated Stocks

Many people donate appreciated stocks to Keystone because it helps save on two types of taxes. Giving stock is an easy way to maximize your impact, and your personal savings.

Donating Stock is Now Easier Than Ever

We have partnered with FreeWill which makes donating stock simple and quick. Use this free tool to make the stock transfer process easier than ever. Click here to give a stock gift in 10 minutes or less.

Donate Stock Now 

If you prefer to work directly with your broker to complete an electronic transfer of stock or mutual funds, instruct your broker to transfer the securities to Keystone’s account at Pershing. Our account details are listed below.

Please let us know your stock gift is on the way

It is very helpful if you contact us to let us know your stock gift is on the way. This helps us ensure your donation is received. We also want to properly acknowledge your contribution. Your gift can be giving anonymously if you wish but by notifying us we can work with our broker to guarantee the stock gift process works seamlessly. Please email us or call us at 651-645-0349. Thank you!

Email us

  • Keystone Stock Transfer Information

    Here are the details needed to transfer stock from your account to Keystone’s:

    • Company: Pershing, LLC Address: 1 Pershing Plaza, Jersey City, NJ 07399
    • DTC Number: 0443
    • Keystone’s Account at Pershing: QKL117262 (Please note this is a new account number as of May 2022)
    • Keystone’s Federal Tax ID: 41-0693924
    • Keystone’s Mailing Address: Keystone Community Services, 2000 St. Anthony Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104

Contribute Funds from your IRA Today

Donors age 70.5 or older are eligible to give tax-free gifts directly from their IRA and create an immediate impact with Keystone. IRA gifts reduce your future tax burden, meaning you could stay in a lower income bracket come filing time.

Giving from your IRA is Quick and Easy

You can use this free tool to make the process quick, easy, and free. Click here to give a tax-free gift from your IRA.

Give from your IRA today

Contact us anytime

If you have any questions or need assistance donating stock or giving from your IRA, please contact Keystone and ask for Jen Winterfeldt, Director of Development and Community Engagement. You can call us at 651-645-0349 or email us.